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High-quality, Mongolian hair extensions with full coverage from extension edge for a seamless look.

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Created for people who will go to great lengths for gorgeous hair, It’s a 10 EX10SIONS is a professional salon-quality line of hair extensions that encompasses a wide variety of colors, lengths, styles, and more. Made completely from 100% Mongolian human hair, It’s a 10 EX10SIONS are designed to be applied by certified haircare professionals for washable, style-able, long-lasting, versatile extensions that look and feel just like your very own tresses.


At It's A 10, we've always believed in raising the bar on elite hair care, especially when it comes to extensions. As an extension user myself, I know how important quality is for gorgeous, natural-looking extensions, which is why the entire EX10SIONS line is designed to be long-lasting, easily reusable, higher gram weight, gentle on existing hair, and offer a wide variety of styles, colors, and lengths to take your look to new lengths.

  • Carolyn Aronson
  • Owner & Founder
    It's A 10 Haircare & Ex10sions
Benefits of
our Ex10sions
Natural-looking high-quality injected mold hair tape
Higher gram weight
Quality Mongolian Hair
Easily removable & re-usable
Doesn't pull off or rip existing hair
Wide range of textures
Full selection of matching or contrasting colors
Wide variety of lengths
Hair lasts up to 2 years
Seamless with all styles, up or down